Kendrick's on the Track, But ScHoolboy Q Killed the "THat Part (Black Hippy Remix)"

The Black Hippy crew reunite and it's time for a good ol' fashioned game of "Who had the best verse?"

Yesterday, a keen eyed Twitter user captured a screenshot from ScHoolboy Q's Snapchat that hinted a "THat Part (Black Hippy Remix)" might be on the way. And shortly before the release of Q's new album Blank Face LP, the remix was unleashed and "Top" was right, he was working on something special - the first Black Hippy posse cut since "Vice City":

Despite the song featuring three new guests in Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul, it's Q who comes through with a brand new verse (that should have been on the original) to steal the show, delivering vivid, street-ready bars with a political edge:

Yeah I'm walkin' with a 5th / I'm not votin', I'm a Crip, homie / I'm where them Bloods, where them Locs at / Where the blood, where the choke round gloves for the combat 

Not only do Q's bars chew up and spit out the beat, but they're also quite informative for TDE fans as, according to Q, Ab-Soul is up next, SZA has an amazing album in the can and Isaiah Rashad's next full-length is complete and has been blessed by Ali:

Heard Soulo comin' up next and SZA got a classic, nigga / Heard Zay's got it mastered, uh 

All praise due to Q, it's his track and he's the star of this show, but Kendrick continues to Kendrick the fuck out of everything he touches, calling himself "Jay Z in a blowout press" as he speaks of "that hearse the flirt with perks of a kill confessed / dispersed the worst, the first 48 addressed," although his delivery does feel a little too subdued. And for their part Rock and Soulo can't be ignored, but frankly their verses didn't quite move me. No, this Black Hippy round belongs to Groovy Q, and fittingly so. The man clearly refused to be outdone on his own turf. 

ScHoolboy Q couldn't have had a better set-up for his Blank Face LP than this TDE posse cut. All hail Top Dawg.

By @brokencool, ya Hippy

Photo Credit: WHIP