Murs Plans to Break Longest Freestyle Record With 24 Hours of Rhymes

We couldn't even sleep for 24 hours straight, but Murs is preparing for the rap challenge of a lifetime.

Murs is celebrating the 20th year of his successful music career. And in the coming months, he’ll take a stab at something none of his contemporaries, past or present, have accomplished - freestyle for over 24 hours.

As the face of Boost Mobile’s new unlimited music streaming plan, Billboard reports that Murs will host a new live show, entitled Where You At? LA. Episodes will feature interviews and freestyles with artists ranging from People Under The Stairs to tastemaker/photographer Estevan Oriol, and be aired for free on Facebook and Twitter (via Periscope).

The first of five episodes will premiere tonight, July 13, and run bi-weekly until Sept. 28, with that final date bearing a special “Bars for Days” 24-hour live show, when Murs will attempt to rhyme for the record books. He’ll try to break the Guinness World Record for the longest freestyle, which would clock in at over 24 hours if he’s successful.

Staying awake for 24 hours is rough, even freestyling for more than 40 minutes can be an impossible task for a lot of rappers, so viewers may have to prepare for some rough patches if they plan to watch this freestyle live as it happens. But at this point in Murs’ career, there isn’t much left for him to accomplish: he’s one of the most successful independent rappers ever, he has released nine solo albums and countless collaborative albums, and he co-founded the Paid Dues music festival in 2007. His name in the Guinness Book of World Records would be quite an addition to the resume.

To prepare for his latest challenge, he said he’ll be training and practicing in a rehearsal space in Tuscon, Ariz.

“I’m going to take it in three-hour chunks, move up to eight-hour chunks and then an 18-hour chunk the week before. We’re also thinking of building some type of booth for me to sit in with a one-way mirror so people can come by and watch me,” Murs told Billboard. “But this will be live streamed for all 24 hours. People can go to bed, wake up and make sure I’m still rapping. Whenever you want to tune in, I’ll be there for 24 hours. The more I talk about this now, the more I think about 'what did I get myself into' [laughs].” - Murs, via Billboard

Here’s wishing Murs luck on achieving the record-setting feat.

By William Ketchum III, aka @WEKetchum

Photo CreditHurricane Hank