ScHoolboy Q Says the World Is on Kendrick Lamar's Dick. Is He Right?

Q never holds his tongue, even when it comes to Kendrick Lamar. Is he right? Does the world over-hype his TDE brother?

I'm hard-pressed to think of anyone who gives less of a fuck in interviews than ScHoolboy Q—Vince Staples is really the only other contender. Whether he's talking about gun control or his daughter, Groovy Q just comes out and says exactly what's on his mind, and so it's no surprise that during his new interview with DJ Whoo Kid he touched on a subject common in hip-hop head circles—is Kendrick Lamar over-hyped? Or as Q put it more bluntly, is the world sucking Kendrick's dick?  

“They suck Kendrick dick so much. Like, I played a whole song and motherfu*kers was like ‘ooh, I love the snippet [with Kendrick].’ Like damn. They can't wait for the Kendrick verse to pop up, it's not happening. He doesn't have a fucking verse on there."

Is Q right? Well, I can't speak for everyone, but as someone who's been accused of riding said rappers said genitalia before, I can definitely answer that question with a firm....yes/no???

First, there's just no arguing that Kendrick is a transcendent emcee. Every generation only gets a small number of truly gifted artists, and Kendrick's is undeniably one of them. He really is that talented. He just is

But more than that, he's also talented in a very uncomplicated way. In addition to his music, you never see him firing off ill-advised tweets, never see him involved in some shallow celebrity relationship, never hear stories of him throwing a fit backstage. He's just like Chris Brown, except the exact opposite. Whether you're a fan or a writer, it's highly unlikely you'll ever come to regret supporting him. (I'd put Chance the Rapper in this same category.) 

Mix those two factors together—high talent meets low risk—and it's easy to see why the world could, indeed, be on Kendrick's proverbial sack. That's a problem to the extent that it means other artists go ignored, as Q laid out. We shouldn't be talking more about Kendrick co-producing one song on Blank Face than Blank Face as a whole. But we also don't want to wait until Kendrick has passed to lay roses at his feet, we've made that same mistake before

I'd like to believe that I'm balanced between those two extremes, but if I ever get out of hand, I'll always have ScHoolboy Q to keep me in check.