Enter 21 Savage & Metro Boomin's Dark World on Joint 'Savage Mode' Project

Late night lurking music from the hip-hop's realest rapper and the hottest producer in the game.

Do you have plans to cruise around late night in a haze of blunt smoke and paranoia?

If you answered “yes” than 21 Savage and Metro Boomin have you covered on Savage Mode, a brand new collaborative project from the rapper much more concerned with keeping it real than caring about your notion of what a rapper actually is, and the super-producer who's infectious tags have become ubiquitous in the music world over the last year.

Standing tall at nine tracks deep, Savage Mode packs plenty of anger and aggression into its short runtime. Many listeners will be surprised at the lack of true adrenaline-infused bangers, finding instead that Metro has toned down his usually hard-hitting style for a murkier, furtive approach. The end result for fans of both the newly-minted XXL Freshman and the Platinum-certified producer is nonetheless pleasing. 



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Future, with whom Metro has built his name and discography, contributes the project's only guest appearance on "X."

Savage Mode, which follows last December's Slaughter King, is currently available for digital purchase (and stream) via iTunes and free stream via Audiomack.

Readers are also encouraged to dig into last year's profile piece on the controversial buzzmaker, "21 Savage is Hip-Hop’s Realest Rapper & His Reality is Terrifying."



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