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Meek Mill Promises End to "Extreme Violence" in His Music

One of the most aggressive street rappers of the last few years plans to change his music in a big way.

Meek Mill has been one of the most prolific street rappers over the past six years, but it looks like he's turning a new leaf.

In a new Instagram post, Meek wrote that he will stop rapping about "extreme violence" after his upcoming Dreamchasers 4 mixtape.

“AFTER DC4 I won’t continue to rap about extreme violence!!!” he wrote as the caption for the photo. “But I will remain to let my people know in these terrible environments to adapt and survive at any cost because ‘US BLACK PEOPLE ARE STILL AT WAR WITH OURSELVES AND THE SYSTEM IN REAL LIFE!" 



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Hip-hop has a long history of good gun-busting music, but street-ready records aren't required to focus on extreme violence. Scarface became a legend because of the way he tackled street life on a pragmatic level, reminding us violence isn't the only thing that goes on in the streets. After spending months on house arrest and seeing what has been going on around the world, maybe Meek Mill has been moved by the violence in poor communities in a way that he had never been before? The idea of his music taking a sharp turn is exciting.

Most rap fans can easily make the distinction between art and life, understanding that violent music doesn't reflect a violent person; that it simply provides a window into the communities which the artists have called home. Those statements are true, but as rappers and rap fans are getting older, tolerance for certain themes and imagery will wane. It appears Meek Mill wants to take a stand, a decision that should earn the Philly native nothing but respect.

In the meantime, for anyone who loves the current version of Meek, enjoy Dreamchasers 4 and his previous albums and tapes while you can. If he sticks to his word, we may see a brand new artist.

By William Ketchum III, aka @WEKetchum

Photo Credit: Instagram



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