Accused Rapist Ian Connor Threatens Two Women on Twitter, He Has to Go

The Ian Connor story gets even uglier as two women reveal threatening messages from Kanye and A$AP Rocky's designer.

Ian Connor, the stylist/creative director known for working with the likes of Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, has already been accused of rape by at least seven women within the past year. But according to screenshots of direct messages he's sent, he's now making it even worse by threatening people who bring up the allegations.

One Twitter user, @DaniellasBroke, made public that Ian had sent her several threatening DMs and then provided what she says are screenshots from their DM conversation:

“IP addresses [aren’t] hard to track since you want to show off for Twitter,” Ian is depicted as saying in the images. “You calling me a rapist is disrespectful and I’ll show you what disrespect gets you.”

Another user, @remydelfox, revealed iMessage screenshots that showed similar threats:




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“...[s]top trying to shit on niggas for retweets,” he reportedly said. “This is Internet, I don’t need this, niggas can catch you lacking in real life Remy don’t forget that.”

Plenty of Twitter trolls have supported Connor through inflammatory tweets and death threats directed toward both women, but it appears some men are actually starting to speak out against him. After a brawl between Connor, A$AP Bari and Theophilius London, the latter called him a rapist on Twitter, claiming to actually know one of the the victims.

It’ll be a great day when we all speak out against rape accusations based on the allegations themselves instead of using them as ammunition in an existing dispute, which seems to be the case with Theophilus' recoil against Connor. But hey, baby steps. The outrage still isn't at the fever pitch that it should be, considering that one of the most promising young names in fashion is accused of being a serial rapist, but momentum is thankfully building. 

Simply put, Ian Connor has to go. He can fight his case in court and/or release a statement pronouncing his innocence, but this situation is only adding ugliness onto more ugliness.

By William Ketchum III, aka @WEKetchum

Photo Credit: Instagram



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