No, That's Not Logic on Tiffany Trump's Atrocious "Like a Bird" Song

Yes, someone named Logic did rap terribly on this Trump song, but it wasn't the Logic we all know.

Calm down, guys. This isn't the Logic we all know and love.

Whether in support or outrage, Donald Trump fever is currently gripping the nation, and so, of course, the internet has gone digging into Trump's past for skeletons in his closet, and what they've uncovered isn't a political bombshell but the bombed pop star career of Tiffany Trump, the daughter of the presidential candidate.

“Like A Bird,” first released in 2011, features two artists named Sprite and Logic, names that might not mean anything to the plethora of mainstream media outlets that have posted the song, but some hip-hop fans are concerned that their favorite artist once got in the studio with Tiffany Trump. 

The song is absolutely horrible; click play at your own risk. But if you'd rather spare your ears, take our word for it: it's clear that Young Sinatra isn't on the song.

We understand your fears; it's an honest mistake. But “Logic” is one of the most common rapper/poet names in the country: over the years DJBooth alone has posted music from Logic, Logic & Raze, Logics, AyeLogic and Illogic, with I'm sure much more out there we've never heard of. It appears Tiffany Trump found one of those guys, not the Def Jam phenom whose career has reached critical mass over the past year.

So good news, Logic was never dragged into the Trumpsphere, and Tiffany Trump's music career started and ended five years ago. Today is indeed a good day.