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Young Thug's Modeling a Dress on a Giant NYC Billboard, Anything is Possible

There's currently a four-story NYC billboard of Young Thug modeling for Calvin Klein. That's a real thing that happened in real life.

Young Thug already pushed the envelope of hip-hop’s gender norms when he donned a dress in a photo for Calvin Klein’s latest women’s collection. But this week, he’s on an even bigger stage: a billboard in New York City.

“I disobey in #mycalvins,” the billboard says, showing Thugger posing in the womenswear and staring into the distance.

Thug posted a photo of the billboard on his Instagram, with a caption referring to his upcoming mixtape Jeffery.

It has already been fascinating to see Young Thug turn the hypermasculinity of hip-hop - and mainstream culture, for that matter - on its head. But to see him doing so with one of the biggest fashion companies in the world, on a billboard in one of the biggest cities in the world, is truly stunning.

Setting aside for a moment any thoughts about gender and masculinity, let's take a moment to recognize that just two years ago Thug was a mostly unknown rapper from Atlanta who was just watching his "Stoner" single gain popularity, and now he's the centerpiece of a massive ad campaign for an international clothing brand that has a four-story picture of him towering over New York City. 

Anything truly is possible

By William Ketchum III, aka @WEKetchum

Photo Credit: Instagram



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