I'm Not Excited About Travis Scott's 'Birds in the Trap' Album & That's OK

The world's seems to be anxiously awaiting Travis' album on August 5, but I might literally be asleep when it drops.

Yesterday, Travis Scott announced that his Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight album is just around the corner and will be dropping August 5. Certain corners of the internet—and the DJBooth offices—reacted like Chipotle had just announced Infinite Free Guac Day, but personally, in my music soul, the news barely registered. 

It's my job to keep up with hip-hop's ever-changing culture and so of course I know Travis Scott, have listened to Travis Scott, and I'll certainly listen to Birds in the Trap. More than that, it's my job to understand Travis Scott, and I think I do. He's young, destructive, rebellious and successful, living proof for young people that flipping a middle finger to the conventional adult world can pay - plus he makes bangers. On the most basic level, it's the same draw that made people gravitate towards Elvis and the Sex Pistols and Eminem and so many other artists.

I was once that kid determined to earn the condemnation of every adult in the vicinity, and a lot of my favorite new music is similarly rebellious, but no matter how many open-minded chances I've given Scott's music, it's just never connected with me on any level deeper than "pretty good."  

It could just be because I'm too old—these days it takes a lot to get me to leave the house and rage all night. Do you have any idea how much babysitters charge? Or maybe it's because of all the lack-of-originality charges, or maybe I just don't like his style for the same impossible to define reason I don't like mustard. Maybe all of the above. 

The only thing I'm sure of is that my lack of Travis-related interest is perfectly fine. This isn't a thinkpiece about how much better music was in my day or a retaliatory thinkpiece about barbecue trap music, this is a thinkpiece about not over-thinking. The older I get the more comfortable I get knowing that not everything is made for me to like. In fact, much of it is made with the hopes that I'll dislike it, or at least not understand it, and that's fine too. Just like my friends and I once jumped into mosh pits while adults looked on in confused horror, let the kids have their Lil Uzi Vert show while I stay at home. 

So by all means, countdown the days until Birds in the Trap drops, I hope it fulfills your every expectation and more. But when that album stream hits Apple Music at midnight, I'll be happily asleep. I can let the world carry Travis Scott on its shoulders while still not truly feeling what's so special about him. It's the circle of life, at least in music culture, and one day it will come for you too.