Waka Flocka "Not a Friend" of Gucci Mane

While the world celebrates Gucci's homecoming, the rift between him and Waka is still too big to cross.

The entire world has seemingly been celebrating the return of a new, improved, sober and considerably slimmed down Gucci Mane. Long time collaborators like Mike Will and Zaytoven have already linked with Gucci to make a successful new album in a matter of weeks, and of course the almighty Drake's positioned himself for an upcoming project with Guwop. But one name from Gucci's past has been noticeably absent from the welcoming festivities, Waka Flocka. 

In a Reddit AMA to promote his new LeBron Flocka James 4album, Waka consitently ignored all the Gucci related questions until finally breaking down in a short exchange: 

Redditer: How come you weren't at the Gucci and Friends show?

Waka: Because I'm not a friend

Well then, not a lot of ambiguity there.

We're coming up on a decade now since Gucci brought Waka into the 1017 crew and Flocka's initial success came with Guwop behind him. "Gucci, that's my motherfucking nigga," he rapped on his breakout hit, "Hard in the Paint."



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But when Waka left 1017, or Gucci dropped him, depending on which version you believe, the two began publicly butting heads and since then their relationship has seemingly been non-confrontational, but not exactly warm. 

"We're always in a good place. I'd just say [from a] business point of view, it'll never happen," Waka said in a 2015 Music Times interview. "Just because a snake's frozen right now, when it thaws out don't mean it ain't gonna bite you ... [But] it's under the rug, man. F*ck it. It is what it is."

Clearly whatever happened between them, and as part of his sobriety process Gucci's spoken about the relationships his addiction damaged, the wounds are too deep to heal quickly. I can't believe that Waka isn't happy to see Gucci free, but that also doesn't mean he'll be showing up at Gucc's door with an Edible Arrangement basket anytime soon. 

It might take time, and both parties are obviously doing just fine without each other, but hopefully Waka and Gucci can someday become friends again. If there ever comes a day when we once again hear Waka's distinctive "Bricksquuuuuuuaaaaaddddd" ad-lib on a Gucci record, they'll have to immediately declare a city holiday in Atlanta. Here's to hoping...

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter



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