YG Secured the "Two Biggest White Rappers" in Macklemore & G-Eazy for "FDT (Pt. 2)"

YG didn’t pull any punches when asked why he brought in G-Eazy and Macklemore for the "FDT (Pt. 2)."

When YG was asked why he enlisted Macklemore and G-Eazy for his remix of the anti-Donald Trump anthem, “FDT,” he didn’t pull any punches.

“They’re the two biggest white rappers in the game! I’m like, if I get two of the biggest white dudes in the game on this ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ record, that shit is gonna mean something,” YG told i-D

“Before Macklemore was on ‘Part 2’ he said like, ‘Good shit bro, that shit was needed,’ about the first song. So I was like, ‘Bro, you support Trump?’ and he was like ‘Fuck no!’ I’m like, ‘Well look, I’m doing this remix and I want you to hop on it. It’s actually with G-Eazy.’ And he was like, ‘I got you, send that shit.’

“Everybody know that’s where this rap shit started from,” he added. “Talking about problems and what’s going on in inner city communities.”

YG knew the power that white privilege has toward legitimizing something for a wider audience, particularly with the debatably "two biggest white rappers in the game," but the song had been picking up steam on its own. He has said in other interviews that after the song’s release the Secret Service reached out to Def Jam to see the lyrics for the rest of the album. That made the song feel even more like an anthem—it was literally working to buck the system.

G-Eazy joined YG onstage to perform his verse for the remix during a show in Los Angeles, and the song officially came out with the Macklemore and G-Eazy features on July 20. Days later, YG and Nipsey Hussle performed the song on “The Nightly Show,” with Larry Wilmore. 

We’ll see how much the two features continue to add steam to the song, but with or without white rappers, with or without other famous names, “FDT” is already the best sociopolitical anthem of the year.