Frank Ocean's "Boys Don't Cry" Album Definitely Dropping This Friday (Maybe)

Yes, the album's really finally, truly, definitely, maybe coming this Friday. Start praying.

It's been a tough couple days after a tough four years for Frank Ocean fans, but the world's finally going to get it's wish this Friday, August 5, when Ocean finally releases his Boys Don't Cry album...probably. 

The New York Times worked its journalistic magic and found an anonymous source "with knowledge of the release plans" willing to confirm that Boys Don't Cry will be released via Apple Music this Friday, along with a video and a magazine of the same name, which holds in line with the original vision Ocean laid out months ago now.

[I feel compelled to stop and point out that for years now Ocean's given fans more false hope than a politician, so let's not all act shocked if Friday comes and goes without a new album. But in the spirit of naive optimism, let's carry on...]

Boys Don't Cry has developed a nearly mythic standing in music, become more meme than actual awaited project, so let's take a moment to truly appreciate what this means. Four years ago Frank Ocean delivered Channel Orange and captivated the nation. Beyond sales, beyond the GRAMMYs, this was the kind of album that changed lives, that people will reminiscence on in their old age, and in that context waiting a few years and getting hit with a few red herrings seems like a small price to pay for that experience again...hopefully. 

Whatever God you pray to, even if it's the god of great music, now might be the time to get on your knees. This coming Friday will either be a new heaven or an apocalyptic disappointment. I'm praying for the former. 

Update: Apple Music has confirmed that Frank's new album is on the way.

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter

Photo Credit: Tumblr