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Frank Ocean is Trolling The Internet, But We'll Forgive Him

Is Frank Ocean about to release his new album "Boys Don't Cry" or does he really just love to troll his fans?

He's doing it again. Frank Ocean is messing with us.

Late Sunday evening, at midnight on the west coast, the elusive R&B superstar updated his website, adding what appeared to be live video -- which is currently a black screen -- above the library card he left us just four weeks earlier.

According to "Lost" video director Francis Soriano in a now-deleted Instagram post, the visual stream was actually one infinite loop made to look like it was being broadcast live and presented by Apple Music. In the event you were sleeping at 3AM EST, all you missed was a black and white view of two desks sitting in the background of a warehouse, accompanied by white noise. Not exactly must-watch.

After several hours of nothingness, early Monday morning a shadowy figure appeared to approach a table saw from a new angle while music faintly played in the background. Ladies and gents, Frank Ocean has us live streaming an empty room. This is a next level troll job.



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As we pointed out in our July 2 article, the library card that Ocean previously posted to his website included both a smudged July date (that has now passed) and November 13, 2016. While fans might not like the idea of waiting three-and-a-half more months for the long-overdue, highly-anticipated follow-up to Channel Orange, Ocean knows that whenever he decides to drop the album all will be forgiven.

Library due date slips serve as a friendly reminder that you need to return whatever it is you checked out, but as anyone who has ever checked out an item from their library knows -- Do people still do that? -- sometimes you're just late. And while Frank might be overdue, nobody is going to fine him when he does deliver Boys Don't Cry. Whenever that may be.

Update: According to the New York Times, Frank Ocean will release his new album, Boys Don't Cry, this Friday, August 5, via Apple Music.

By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter

Photo Credit: Boysdontcry



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