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50 Cent & Game Finally End Historic Beef After More Than 10 Years

What's beef? Beef is a decade long feud that involved assaults and a shooting, but the hatchet has finally been buried.

One of the most notable beefs in the last 15 years of rap was resolved Monday night - where else? - in a strip club.

With a visit to Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles, 50 Cent and The Game formally ended a dispute that had lasted more than a decade; or at least as "formal" as you can be in a strip club. The two hung out at the club, and Game went on stage to make a speech that made the resolution official.

“I fuck with 50,” Game said. “What happened, that shit was 12 years ago. Niggas ain’t on that shit.”

The feud between 50 and Game lasted so long it seemed like it would never end. Game was brought into the rap game as a member of 50’s group G-Unit, and the two made magic on songs like “How We Do” and “Hate It Or Love It,” both highlights from Game’s debut album, The Documentary. But after Game said he didn’t have any issues with Jadakiss or Fat Joe, who 50 was publicly beefing with at the time, the west coast rapper was given the boot. 50 essentially drew a clear line in the sand: if you weren’t fully with him, you were against him, which meant as far as he was concerned, Game was against him.



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Game's response was to rally an anti-G-Unit campaign called “G-Unot,” accentuated by a barrage of diss songs like “300 Bars N Runnin.” 50 returned fire by mocking Game on songs like “Not Rich, Still Lyin.” Along with the two parties’ long-standing battle on wax, Game also got into a physical altercation with 40 Glocc, a rapper formerly affiliated with but never signed to G-Unit. Almost unbelievably now, Game and 50 even had a real shootout in New York City, which Game recounted in a conversation with Larry King.

The rappers swore for years they would never be on good terms, so Monday’s resolution is truly a surprise, but now is the time. Game just organized a summit to stop gang violence, so it only makes sense he would resolve his own dispute. And 50 Cent isn’t actively involved in rap anymore on the same level he once was, so there’s nothing to gain from beefing with Game.

While it would’ve been great if both parties had resolved their issues when they were both at the peaks of their careers, better late than never. And so ends one of hip-hop's longest running and most intense beefs, thankfully not with a bang, but with a handshake at a strip club. Maybe there's hope for Budden and Drake yet. 

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