Logic, Anderson .Paak & Aesop Rock Featured in Madden NFL 17 Soundtrack

They may not get much mainstream spotlight, but the Madden folks clearly know who's putting out the best music right now.

In addition to being the most popular NFL video game of all-time, Madden's lowkey been a source of some great music of the last few years, but the music supervisors at EA Sports have outdone themselves with this year's soundtrack

I expected to see some big names here, and sure enough, Drake pops up as part of YG's "Why You Always Hatin?" Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz also make an appearance courtesy of "Bounce," and apparently Flo Rida is still alive and releasing new music, but I was a little surprised to see some other not-quite-superstar names on NFL 17's soundtrack. 

Logic's inclusion shouldn't be a surprise, he's certainly popular enough to warrant a placement with "Wrist," especially considering his own love for video games, but it's still good to see him here. And I was pleasantly excited to see names like Anderson .Paak, Aesop Rock and also Ohana Bam making an appearance. As if it wasn't already obvious, this is clearly Anderson's year, and Aesop's still going strong after over a decade in the game. Go get that publishing money my people, I salute you. 

The game's set to be released on August 23, and in the meantime, you can already listen to the full soundtrack here. Let's just hope the Madden curse doesn't also apply to artists, I only want to see Logic, .Paak and Aesop keep winning.