A$AP Yams "Gems" Book Coming, Proceeds to Help Battle Drug Addiction

The legacy of the A$AP Mob founder lives on in one of this year's must-cop books.

In January of 2015, Steven Rodriguez, better known as A$AP Yams, died of a drug overdose, and hip-hop mourned.

Not only was Yams an integral part of establishing and growing the A$AP Mob movement, he was a figure in his own right, and one of his true legacies is a Twitter page and Tumblr that truly connected with people and featured no shortage of true gems, both serious and comedic. 

Now, a book, fittingly titled A$AP Yams Gems Book, is set to be released on August 10. Compiled by A$AP affiliate Ajani Brathwaite, the book will feature some of Yams best writing, and crucially, it comes with the full blessing of the entire Mob and, even more importantly, Yams' family. 

As if that wasn't enough to entice fans to pick up their own copy, proceeds from the book's sales will be going to the Always $trive and Prosper Foundation, focusing on helping kids battle drug addiction.

We talk about artists' legacies all the time, and certainly, Yams will be remembered for his extraordinary impact on hip-hop in a sadly short time. But perhaps the best measure of a person's impact is how they inspire others to keep their memory and work, alive in their absence, and it's inspiring to see that his spirit is living on through others. 

Those in NYC can catch the special release of the book on August 10, with the worldwide release following on August 12. Rest in peace Yams, you may be gone, but your gems are not forgotten.