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DJ Quik Says YG Didn't Credit Him on "My Hitta," You Don't F**k With DJ Quik

Two of Compton's biggest voices feud on Twitter over uncredited work, with a possible lawsuit looming.

“Guess what Compton rapper I’m about to sue?,” wrote DJ Quik on Twitter one unsuspecting day back in June.

The tweet caused much speculation - Quik is a legend, a forefather figure who has inspired many as a longtime West Coast trendsetter. He’s also a Compton native, born and raised. To know that the anonymous rapper he alluded to slapping with a lawsuit was a seed planted in the same garden that sprouted him was disappointing news. Was it Kendrick? Game? Dre? All the internet could do is wonder and wait.

Quik’s tweet was later deleted, and he would remain tight-lipped concerning lawsuits and the mysterious “Compton rapper.” Well, he was quiet.

The silence broke last night with a stream of tweets. This time there was no mystery, no alluding to who and why - Quik called out YG for not being properly credited for engineering his platinum-selling single, “My Hitta.”  YG, Jeezy, Def Jam, and Stampede Management were all directly mentioned on Twitter by Quik as he aired out his grievances about not receiving due credit or his platinum plaque. If he hasn’t been given credit or a plaque, it’s likely he isn’t receiving any royalties either.

YG didn’t initially respond during the string of tweets, they were sent out late last night, but as coverage started rolling out, the younger Compton star took to Twitter with a screenshot of Quik’s previous tweets from June with the added caption, “Fuck the police @Djquik,” and like that, DJ Quik vs. YG has already started to escalate.



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It’s a bit surprising that the two are feuding - Quik appeared on YG’s “Bicken Back Being Bool” remix that was released on the Blame It On The Streets EP. Also, sonically, there’s a lot of Quik’s influence embedded in the DNA of YG’s music. Sadly, this is the music business, and the business can divide those who would be better off working together.

DJ Quik is a hip-hop legend who’s been in this game for the better part of 30 years, which means he probably understands better than most that producers and engineers are constantly being overlooked, ignored, and mistreated.

Around the time of Quik’s original tweet, Flying Lotus also took to Twitter to air out his thoughts on the relationship between rappers and producers. His Twitter fingers didn’t hold anything back and not a single word was sugarcoated, with all 140 characters maximized to get the point across that producers are constantly being short-ended despite being instrumental in the success of the same rap artists who do them dirty. Flying Lotus wasn’t the only one either. Acclaimed production trio J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League chimed in with their own take on what happens behind the scenes.

No one knows exactly what happened with Quik and YG except for the parties involved, but it’s saddening to see another example of the continuous cycle of lawsuits and feuds in this industry. Music can bring us together, but business will break us apart.

By Yoh, aka Yoh Rocket Launcher, aka @Yoh31

Photo Credit: YG (Instagram), DJ Quik (Instagram)



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