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7 Rappers You Should Absolutely Follow on Snapchat

Looking for Snapchat entertainment from your some of your favorite artists? Here you go...

While few could have predicted the utter ubiquity of Snapchat, artists quickly figuring out how to use the app as a way to increase their relevance and connect with fans within a saturated industry is a no-brainer.

Among the multitude of hip-hop personalities you have the choice of following on Snapchat, however, there are a select few that we feel are using the social platform as more than just an outlet for showing off new bling (looking at you, Young Thug).

Here are seven rappers you should absolutely follow on Snapchat:

PROF (profstophouse)

First of all, if you’re not yet familiar with the veteran, Minneapolis emcee it’s high time you correct that oversight. But even you are familiar with Prof, a staple of the proverbial underground who has released seven projects over the past nine years, what you might not know is that the guy has some serious skills in the kitchen. When he isn't uploading road-updates during his relentless tour schedule, he’s starring in “Prof’s Kitchen,” a series in which the indie artist shows off his culinary strengths in a totally non-pretentious, hilarious manner.

ScHoolboy Q (hoovaq)

Q is having a banner summer thanks to his album-of-the-year contender Blank Face LP, but his steady rise to the top hasn’t interfered with a strong Snapchat game. Of course you’re going to see plenty of weed smoking, grill sporting, and car driving, but what really sets Q’s Snaps apart are his hilarious running jokes (SUE YOUNG!) and the heartwarming glimpses into his role as father.

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Chance The Rapper (mynamechance)

While he may not be the most frequent snapper in the game, Chance does happen to be one of the most exciting artists in music right now, and the fact he occasionally teases new music should be reason enough to hit that follow button. The occasionally hilarious, “Chance being Chance” snaps and behind-the-scenes looks at some of his charity work are an added bonus.

Metro Boomin' (metroboomin)

Aside from being one of the most exciting producers in recent memory, Metro also boasts a constantly lit Snapchat. Ever wondered what it would be like to spend almost every night crushing shows with Future? Follow Metro and you can experience the second best thing to being at every single show.

Eric Biddines (ericbiddines)

Although the Florida-based rapper (and DJBooth Top Prospect) has been grinding on the indie scene for years, he really turned heads last year after teaming up with producer Paul White as Golden Rules for the funky-as-hell album Golden Ticket. Biddines’ Snapchat is a cornucopia of coffee preparation, titty sculptures, sexual meanderings, and people watching on a whole new level. After following Eric you’ll wonder, just like us, why nobody has given this guy a TV show yet. (If this happens, cut the check!)

Curtiss King (curtissking)

After a self-imposed hiatus, the West Coast rapper-producer is back to entertain. Not only has King produced incredible records for some of your favorite artists, including Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ and Royce da 5'9", he’s also funny as hell. Not afraid to self-deprecate, his latest series, “Everybody Hates Curtiss,” is guaranteed to have you rolling.

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Mick Jenkins (mick.jenkins)

With the follow-up to last summer’s amazing Wave[s] currently in the works, Mick’s Snapchat is somewhat similar to Chance’s in that you’re definitely going to catch a preview or two of his forthcoming dopeness. Otherwise, Jenkins’ snaps are a total grab bag. He might be smoking a blunt, watching a pick-up basketball game, or just showing off his new threads. It’s always different, and it’s always entertaining.

By Brent Bradley. His Twitter bio includes the username to his boring, regular-person Snapchat.



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