Eric B. Connected with Rakim Because Bumpy Knuckles Passed on a Meeting

Is Freddie Foxxx skipping out on a meeting with Eric B. the reason we have "Paid In Full"?

Most students of the game are well aware of Bumpy Knuckles’ influence on hip-hop over the past 30 years, but who knew it went this deep?

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Bumpy, aka Freddie Foxxx, recalls being introduced to Eric B. back in 1986. At the time, Eric was looking for an emcee to join him for a hip-hop group, and a mutual friend thought Knuckles would be the perfect fit.

Eric was only looking for one emcee, but since Knuckles was already part of a group - Supreme Force - he thought it would be “kinda whack” to leave his comrades hanging.

Long story short, the Long Island, New York, native skipped out on his meeting with Eric B., who went on to meet Rakim shortly thereafter.

It's always fun to play the Butterfly Effect game, but can you imagine what hip-hop would be like if Bumpy Knuckles had teamed up with Eric B. back in the day instead of Rakim? What would have become of Rakim? Would we have still been gifted the classic Paid In Full? Would it have been a classic without Rakim?

Somebody get to work on a teleporter to parallel universes, we need to see this shit play out.

By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter

Photo Credit: Fanart.TV