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Views From The Stache: Drake's Dad Plans R&B Album, Previews New Video

Drake's dad is releasing a new album, and a snippet from his debut music video is incredible.

Quickly skimming through headlines made it seem like a joke, but Drake’s dad is really, actually creating an R&B album.

Dennis Graham, the 60-something father of the rap/pop titan, has released a snippet of his new music video. TMZ reports that the song will appear on his debut album, Kinda Crazy

The video is as kitschy as it gets. Papa Drake, incredible 70s porn stache and all, is sitting in a throne wearing an all white suit with two OVO chains laid over his chest. Dry ice, a black background, and a candlestick set the mood. A cut scene shows a blond woman, presumably the muse of Graham’s affection. The song features lyrics that were originally released as "Kinda Crazy" in March of last year, though that song also featured vocals from singer Tanya Lee.



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In other words, Drake’s dad is embarrassing him in much the same way all of our parents embarrass us, though he has a bigger budget. To be fair, it’s not hard to imagine Drake doing the same thing in 30 years or so.

The song marks a return to music for Graham, who played drums for music icon Jerry Lee Lewis. He is currently working with Jamie Iovine, the son of Interscope head honcho Jimmy Iovine, on the full-length album.

By WIlliam E. Ketchum III on Twitter at @WEKetchum

Photo Credit: Instagram



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