Isaiah Rashad Serves Up "Free Lunch" Video, Confirms Album Release Date

The TDE emcee is back with the video for "Free Lunch" and a confirmed release date for his long-overdue sophomore album.

Isaiah Rashad’s “Free Lunch” hasn’t left my ears since its release late Sunday evening. The beat, produced by Cam O'bi, has an infectious bounce that makes it impossible to sit still while listening. When you add in Isaiah’s ability to create flawless flows that sit perfectly in the beat’s pocket there’s an undying desire to hear the record again and again. For fans who are hungry for new music, “Free Lunch” is better than a free chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A on Sunday.

Isaiah isn’t letting the iron cool, though, as he continues building momentum with the Aplus-directed music video. The opening scene features a wad of dollar bills rotating in a dryer, it’s a cool yet peculiar shot, and that’s exactly how I would describe the visual - cool yet peculiar.

The setting is a laundromat, but not quite like one you’ve seen before. Instead of clothes, there’s money hanging from the clothes pin. Instead of people picking up their laundry, the location is a one-stop-shop for everything from groceries to receiving checks. There’s a hustler outside selling clothes out of the trunk of his car, another hustler selling CD’s with a car freshener hanging from his ear, and money - money is constantly being exchanged through the video. Isaiah’s role in the video is minimal, he’s seen throughout scenes just rapping along, existing within and outside the narrative.

There is an abstractness to Isaiah’s lyricism, more ambiguous than straightforward. “Free Lunch” is a video that I’m certain will be interpreted in many different ways. It will surely get the people talking and discussing. What will spark the most conversation is what appears at the very end - 9/2/2016.

The same date TDE’s CEO Top Dawg tweeted out last week is now the official release date for Isaiah’s next album. For all the fans who have waited, including our recently-departed colleague Lucas G., it is time to rejoice. There’s no more speculation: in less than a month's time, the currently-untitled album will be upon us. I’m excited.

Cilvia Demo set the bar high, so to say expectations are lofty for Isaiah’s sophomore project would be an understatement. I believe he will deliver a worthy follow-up. I love “Nelly,” I’m very fond of “Smile,” and I can’t get enough of “Free Lunch.” Unless Frank Ocean beams down from Mars with an album that’s better than Thriller, September is officially the month of Isaiah. Are you ready?

By Yoh, Yoh-Fil-A, aka @Yoh31.

Photo Credit: YouTube