President Obama Unveils "Summer Playlist," Proves He's Aux Cord Master

Don't sleep on the latest playlist from our commander-in-chief.

In case you needed further proof that, in addition to his minor duties as president, Obama is one of the premiere tastemakers of our nation, the commander-in-chief dropped his 2016 Summer Playlist today - a two-part collection of music separated into daytime and nighttime listening.

Yes, he even blessed us with a nighttime playlist. Insert wink-face and eggplant emojis as necessary.

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Chance The Rapper’s “Acid Rain.” Jay Z and Pharrell. Nas and Damian Marley. METHOD MAN AND MARY J. BLIGE! That the leader of our country doubles as a Wu-Tang fan is a fact so unbelievably lit that it cannot be understated.

In addition, there are selections from Prince, Janelle Monae, Wale, Common, Gary Clarke Jr., D’Angelo, Leon Bridges and more - to say nothing of the inclusion of such classics as Janet Jackson’s “I Get Lonely” or The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” (I'm not joking and I will throw hands with anyone who thinks differently). Side note: was there any doubt that Obama is a fan of "Classic Man" by Jidenna?

The Summer Playlist is yetanotherexample of Obama’s support for the hip-hop community. For a man who's favorite song from last year is Kendrick’s “How Much a Dollar Cost?," let's collectively breathe a sigh of sadness that this presidency will soon be coming to an end.

By Brendan Varan. Follow him on Twitter.