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JAY-Z’s New Music Is “Fresh as F*ck,” According to Vic Mensa

In an interview about his upcoming album and social injustice, Vic Mensa made a comment about Jay Z that will get fans excited.

In an interview about his upcoming album and social injustice, Vic Mensa made a comment about Jay Z that will get fans excited.

“I've heard a little bit of some Hov shit and it's fresh as fuck, but I can't say anything about anything else,” Mensa told Rap-Up about his Roc Nation boss. The reveal came after he spoke about Jay and Beyoncé's sincerity.

"[Jay Z and Beyoncé] are just smart people, really good people. That’s something I find as I meet more people in this industry: some of the top dogs are the kindest and in a sense most humble," he added. "A lot of people feel themselves when they don’t really have a right to. Hov and Beyoncé are people that I’ve seen, on mad occasions, just be real cool to people that they don’t know."

Mensa's remarks, while news-worthy, are nothing new, really. Jay's affiliates have always propped up his recorded and unreleased music. But Vic Mensa’s comments do further hint that Jay may indeed have a new album in the works, as he's the second associate to mention stashed songs in recent weeks.

In late July, Jermaine Dupri dropped a Jay-related bomb on the Rap Radar podcast.



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“I know the name of Hov’s new album and everything right now,” he smiled. He then added, “it might be done.”

Jay Z has been more visible in 2016. In classic Hov fashion, he has stopped by for few well-selected cameo verses, making each one feel like a major event before retreating back to the shadows.

He joined Pusha T to revisit his days on the block with the cavernous "Drug Dealers Anonymous," popped up on a remix to Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s "All The Way Up," and he brought his signature Hov boastfulness to DJ Khaled’s "I Got The Keys" with Future. He also addressed police brutality on a new solo song called "Spiritual."

A new album would be Jay-Z's first since 2013's Magna Carta Holy Grail, expectations for which would be (probably unreasonably) sky-high. There have also been rumors that he and Beyoncé would release a collaborative album together, or that he would release a response to Beyoncé's Lemonade, an album where Bey speaks about withstanding a relationship with a cheating husband.

Only time will tell what Jay Z is cooking up, but it seems clear that there's something on the way.



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