Drake Announces Visual Project "Please Forgive Me," The Most Drake Title Ever

Drake hasn't released a single music video since the April release of "Views," but that will soon change.

On Sunday evening, Drake announced via Instagram plans to release a new visual project, entitled Please Forgive Me.

The project, which he says is "coming soon," will feature music from his chart-topping, multi-platinum album Views. Since the album was released in April, Drake has released a grand total of zero music videos, which makes sense if a short film has been in the works the entire time.

Various outlets have reported that Drake shot music videos for both "One Dance" and "Child's Play" over the past two months, but neither has been released. It's possible material from both shoots will be used for Please Forgive Me.

Despite "One Dance" no longer being perched atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the song's still sitting comfortably at No. 2. A visual accompaniment of any kind could easily vault the song back to the top spot, ensuring Sia's current position is nothing more than a cheap thrill. 

It's amazing Drizzy has any time at all to shoot music videos, let alone a complete visual project. Between touring, recording a collaboration album with Kanye, recording a collaboration album with Gucci Mane, overseeing his father's return to music and making four appearance on the NBA 2K17 soundtrack, he'd be lucky to find the time to eat, use the washroom and sleep.

The bigger question, however, revolves around the title. Why is Drake asking for forgiveness? Because Views was mediocre? Because he has horrible taste in sunglasses? We will find out soon enough.

By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram