The Game to Release "1992" Album in September, Doesn't Believe in "Less Is More"

The veteran West Coast rapper plans to release his fifth album in less than one year this September.

West Coast veteran The Game has announced that his 10th solo studio album, 1992, will be released this September.

The album, which will arrive on the heels of summertime soundtrack releases Streets of Compton and Block Wars, was originally teased last December, just two short months removed from the release of 37 tracks over two albums in the form of The Documentary 2 and The Documentary 2.5

Come September, in less than 365 days, the Compton native will have released five full-length projects. Those are numbers Curren$y would be proud of.

In an attempt to remain relevant in the current attention span challenged culture, now more than ever artists are employing a quantity over quality methodology when it comes to the release of new music. Flood the market, hope something sticks, wash, rinse and repeat.

This is clearly Game's strategy, but one that he might want to reconsider. While neither project was an official solo album, Streets of Compton and Block Wars were lazy, unremarkable offerings that had a sum total of zero buzz leading up to and immediately following their respective releases. 

On the hand The Documentary 2 and it's sibling 2.5 were each carefully crafted, albeit with plenty of filler, but the sheer volume of new material was overwhelming and made the collective release easily forgettable.

There isn't a perfect strategy or a correct answer when it comes to what makes for a successful album release, but the expression "less is more" applies here.

The music video for the first official single from 1992, All Eyez featuring Jeremih, will be released on Tuesday, according to CASH Machine Records.

By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram