Flying Lotus Needs Backing For New Project, Doesn't Believe in Crowdfunding

Passion projects like "Kuso" tend to produce amazing results, but there's a cost associated with the pursuit of dreams.

Los Angeles-based jack-of-all-trades Flying Lotus has kept us flush with innovative, soul-vibing music for over a decade now, but in the last two years the underground legend has reached new heights thanks to his widely-praised album, You’re Dead!, as well as his incredible work on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly.

It’s no secret that FlyLo loves to stay busy, but his latest endeavor seems to be a bit more tedious than his previous work.

On Sunday (August 14), Lotus premiered his directorial debut at the Sundance NEXT Fest in LA in the form of the short film Royal, which was met with all the excitement and praise you’d expect from a Flying Lotus visual project. The following day, however, the BRAINFEEDER president took to Twitter to divulge that Royal is actually just a small part of a larger feature film titled Kuso.

In a series of subsequent tweets, Lotus revealed that he’s been quietly filming over the past year, but that he's currently seeking financial help with the project.

As is usually a major hurdle with passion projects, Flying Lotus is finding it difficult to nail down some benefactors for Kuso, but he made it clear he doesn’t want to go the crowdfunding route, calling it a “full time job” and stating, “I'd rather just make the shit without having to play the perks game.” The other option, “begging for favors,” sounds demeaning at first glance, but let’s keep in mind that Spike Lee did essentially the same thing in order to finish Malcom X, and we all know how great that turned out.

While Flying Lotus isn’t going to be starting a Kickstarter anytime soon, he did send out a tweet asking anyone in the LA area who wanted to be involved to contact BRAINFEEDER with links to their work.

Considering he’s already made it known that his alter-ego Captain Murphy would be on the soundtrack, as well as Thundercat and legendary video game composer Akira Yamaoka, fans on the left coast should be chomping at the bit to be a part of the next chapter in Flying Lotus’ weird, experimental, almost-always-incredible artistic journey.

By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo CreditShaun Bloodworth