Apple Music Didn't Sign Cash Money to "Exclusive" Deal, The Internet Lied

Don't believe everything you read on the internet, especially when Birdman is involved.

On Tuesday, Cash Money CEO and fake oil tycoon Bryan "Birdman" Williams posted a photo to his Instagram with Larry Jackson, the man responsible for Apple's original music content. In the caption is a link to a story on Music Business Worldwide, which originally reported that Cash Money is now an "official partner" of Apple Music and that the label would be exclusively releasing all of their albums through the service. 

Exciting, right? If only it were all true.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has reached an agreement with Cash Money to bankroll a documentary about the label, further expanding their reach into original television series and programming. It was reported in February, Dr. Dre reached a similar agreement with the world's richest company for the scripted series Vital Signs.

Instead of running a retraction, MBW simply ran an "update" in the middle of their original story, stating: "Sources now tell MBW that the ‘power move’ involves the creation of a documentary about Cash Money and Birdman, which will air exclusively on Apple Music."


Despite the initial reporting on this story being wrong, the idea that a record label could work out an exclusive deal with a streaming platform, like Apple Music, is not far-fetched. The tech giant has already signed deals directly with artists like Drake (for a reported $19 million), The Weeknd and Travis Scott.

In time we will see record labels, both independent and major, as well as more artists sign deals direct with Apple Music, Tidal, and possibly even Spotify. The physical era is behind us, distribution is no longer required, and any time you can cut out the middle man you do it. 

So what does all of this mean for the consumer? The streaming wars will rage on, fans will ultimately lose, and the winner will only be determined by who is cut the biggest check.

By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram