Unreleased G-Unit Records to Appear on New DJ Whoo Kid Mixtape

Details are slim, but fingers crossed for "Beg For Mercy"-era tracks.

Things have been relatively quiet on the G-Unit front for the last year or so.

After the release of their second comeback EP The Beast Is G-Unit last March, the focus of each G-Unit member has been on solo work, as we’ve seen a number of mixtapes from currently imprisoned Young Buck and just received word of an upcoming Lloyd Banks mixtape as well.

While the legendary NYC crew is still expected to drop a proper full-length follow-up to their 2008 sophomore album T.O.S., a project which received a pretty lukewarm reaction at best, fans will be happy to hear a collection of unreleased records will soon be made public thanks to Tony Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid.

Whoo Kid, G-Unit's longtime DJ, recently took to Twitter to announce that he would be releasing The Lost Flash Drive next week, a mixtape full of previously-unreleased G-Unit tracks, citing Tony Yayo’s demands as the reason for the release.

Although no details have been released about when these tracks were recorded or how many we’ll be getting, this is still exciting news for G-Unit fans, and the prospect of these tracks coming from the early 2000s would be a welcome trip down Memory Lane, back to when the crew’s sound dominated the airwaves and streets alike.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram