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Light One, Tweet One: How Goodbye Tomorrow Balances Art and Twitter

The mysterious Chicago collective remain untouchable in person but furiously accessible on social media.

I’m pretty sure Goodbye Tomorrow aren’t even people - they’re fire from the same flame that kept the Olympic torch lit for two full weeks.

Since rising from the embers of nowhere in August 2015, with their debut full-length A Journey Through the Mind of a Non Believer, the mysterious collective has remained untouchable in person but furiously accessible on social media - especially Twitter.

Sparing no one, the “group” calls out whomever they feel is wack, a phony, a culture vulture, corny or just plain intolerable.

Following a smattering of insightful, motivational stream-of-consciousness knowledge bombs, on July 2, they fired off the following:

On July 16, the account hilariously tweeted, “Comcast xfinity weak ass company test the limits of how stupid u can be and still have publicly traded stocks” and then “it’s so many weak ass niggas pretending to be artists make me wanna turn in a blank disc full of silence with no cover just to not be like u.”

Later that day, another hilarious hot take:

On July 28, @goodbyetomorrow tweeted “idk if @torylanez thought no one would notice he bit the nirvana logo or if he didn't know, and i also don't know which one is worse.” In response to the smiley face seen on Lanez’ I Told You album cover, they followed with:



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What is most interesting about Goodbye Tomorrow is that they’re omnipresent across the web yet maintain a mystery around their personal identities and roles; the duality between the humor-filled, rapid-fire tweets they send off juxtaposed against the precise and surgical execution of their actual music and art in general.

The former Top Prospects operate as a cooperative, with undefined individuals contributing their skills within an unknown standard of membership - all the while producing some of the most high-level and simply enjoyable art in recent memory, regardless of genre.

When observed as an extension of their music, the accessibility and apparent transparency of Goodbye Tomorrow on social media becomes another layer of their already-faceless force. Their barbs and critiques often sandwiched between introspection and philosophies, the group seems content to allow Twitter - and by extension Facebook and Instagram - to speak for them in simpler terms. From a marketing standpoint, their Twitter timeline is intriguing enough to encourage those unfamiliar with the group to investigate their music.

Whether as an often-humorous, often-freethought form of communicating on Twitter or whether as the ghosts behind some of the most cerebral artistic creations of the past few years, Goodbye Tomorrow remains intriguing by maintaining transparency through mystery.

I wholeheartedly embrace their vision - even though I’m not sure who or what I’m seeing...yet.


By Matteo Urella, a Boston-based writer. Read more of his work at Medium.

Photo Credit: Instagram