Action Bronson Freestyling With Melissa Etheridge Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Please, Music Gods. Please let this turn into a full collaborative effort.

If you read our last feature on Action Bronson, than you already know the Flushing, Queens, native is steadily building a legacy for himself, whether it be through an acclaimed musical output or effortlessly genius television concepts.

These moves have inspired some magical instances already, but now Bronson and company have birthed a moment that rivals Eminem and Elton John’s collaborative instance both in it’s sheer weirdness and surprising quality.

In a promotional clip released today (August 25) from VICELAND for Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens, viewers are treated to what is essentially a two and a half minute impromptu jam session between Bronson and GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge.

Whether Bronson was going off-top (likely) or spitting bits and pieces of random writtens makes absolutely no difference, as the sight and sounds of Bam Bam dropping heat alongside the soulful guitar and vocals of the woman that sang “Come to My Window” is one of the greatest oddball collaborations that may ever grace our eyeballs and earholes.

If there's a Music God, this will somehow turn into a fully formed joint effort, and everything else in the realm of novelty will just go downhill from there.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter

Photo Credit: Viceland