Post Malone Offers Unnecessary Apology for 'Stoney' Album Delay

The Republic signee did the right thing, but entitled fans are the real problem.

In May, Post Malone released August 26th, a free mixtape that both delivered new music and served as an announcement for when fans could expect his major label debut. Unfortunately, due to "a couple of different issues," Malone wasn't able to make good on his promised released date for Stoney this past Friday. 

In an Instagram post early Sunday morning (August 28), the Republic signee apologized to his fans, thanking them for their patience and promising to never let them down again.

Malone is no politician, but his statement was well-crafted. His words, while somewhat technically contradictory, felt sincere and believable. 

Ultimately, though, Malone didn't owe anyone an apology. On top of the fact he just released a full body of work in May, Malone is crafting the most important project of his career. If Stoney can meet or exceed fan expectations and impress even his harshest critics, Malone will have set himself up for at least several more years of success. In addition to having to please his major label, who surely would prefer their rising star has a new hit song at radio before the album drop, Malone knows he must use the project release as an opportunity to exit the pink Starburst stage of his career. If the artist needs more time, take it.

In 2016, more than ever before, fans believe they're entitled to new music. These, of course, are the same fans who love to complain about the poor quality of music released. Fans, do you want a lot of new music delivered quickly or would you prefer less music, but at a higher quality? It cannot be both. 

While album release date announcements have been a thing for as long as music has been recorded and released, nothing is forever. And nobody needs to apologize for that.