First Listen: Spark Master Tape Delivers Trunk-Rattling "KKALLABASSASS"

The mysterious new act drops off a hard-hitting, exclusive world premiere.

"I just wanna live in KKALLABASSAS..."

In today's world of social media-fueled hyper-connectivity, there's little more puzzling than a public figure who's identity remains shrouded in mystery. Even more puzzling is when you're not quite sure if that public figure is even one individual, or rather a group of individuals?

Yet, Spark Master Tape, the "anonymous rap supervillain known for submerged SWOUP serenades," continues to remain anonymous. We still don't know whom he/they/it might be, but one thing is for sure - Spark Master Tape is making some great music that must be heard, even if we're not quite sure who we're hearing.

SMT's latest release is "KKALLABASSAS," a trunk-rattling combination of booming 808's and glitchy synth beams courtesy of producer Paper Platoon (who may or may not also be Spark Master Tape) and characteristic pitched-down, street-hardened slick talk from the vocalist. Henny, .45's and weed smoke are aplenty on this newly-released cut, which follows "SPECIALtypeDIFFERENT" and "ALLALONE" from earlier this month, and SMT's acclaimed Silhouette Of A Sunkken Cityproject from April.

"Spark and the Paper Platoon want neighbors, and Charlie wont settle for anything less then the best," Spark cryptically explained in an email to DJBooth. "'KKALLABASSASS' is a warning to all surface dwellers; the platoon is rising from the depths once more."


By Brendan Varan. Follow him on Twitter.