Drake Pledges Loyalty to Lil Wayne, Young Money: "We Are Fighting Until You Get Yours"

"I know you gave me a shot and all I can ever do with the rest of my life is return the favor."

Lil Wayne put a scare into hip-hop this past weekend after the veteran rapper announced early Saturday (September 3) morning that he was "done."

Over the past 48 hours, however, several of Wayne's closest friends and colleagues, including Young Money president Mack Maine and ColleGrove collaborator 2 Chainz, have reassured his fans that their beloved icon isn't a quitter. 

Despite fears subsiding over Wayne turning in his proverbial retirement papers, nothing has changed for the veteran rapper as it pertains to his messy lawsuit with longtime label home Cash Money Records.

Fans were reminded of the turmoil that exists between artist and label on Sunday evening when Wayne ended his special guest appearance during the second Houston date on Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour by once again proclaiming "Fuck Cash Money." 



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At the conclusion of the concert, Drake, who Wayne signed to his first major recording contract, took to Instagram to show public support for Weezy:

Drake, unlike Wayne, is signed to Cash Money through Aspire and Wayne's own Young Money imprint, but his record contract essentially acts as a distribution deal with Universal. While his indebtedness to Wayne is commendable, to what lengths would Drake actually go in order to ensure Weezy achieves the "freedom to drop and peace of mind" that he deserves?

Would Drake offer to extend his contract with Cash Money, offering the label an additional album in exchange for Wayne's release? Without the exact details of Drake's original recording contract, and the number of albums remaining until the deal is fulfilled, it's impossible to gauge the actual leverage he might or might not have in any sort of negotiation on Wayne's behalf, but the short answer is "no."

Drake knows he's Cash Money's current cash cow—sorry, but Jacquees and Caskey aren't exactly bringing home the bacon—and that the label doesn't have a stranglehold on his career like it does Wayne's. But no matter how thankful he is that Wayne took a chance on him, Drake only has so much power.

Although, he is pretty good at this whole record breaking thing...


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