Holy Sh*t You Need To Hear Mac Lethal's "Angel Of Death" with Tech N9ne

The two Kansas City natives link up for a new song you'll rewind more than a few times.

Considering they’re both Kansas City-bred underground legends with cult followings, it’s more than surprising Mac Lethal and Tech N9ne never collaborated on a track. In fact, it’s a downright shame.

That cosmic wrong has been recently righted, however, as Mac Lethal has unleashed a new Tech-assisted track “Angel Of Death” off his upcoming album Congratulations, dropping September 13.

Both artists have made a name for themselves as certified “choppers,” signifying their ability to rhyme at a speed that borders on unintelligibility, and “Angel Of Death” is the perfect pairing of the warp speed rhyme patterns that the two have popularized, overtop a hauntingly beautiful instrumental background by Michael "Seven" Summers. 

Now that you have a little background, just hit play because, Holy Shit, this track is incredible:


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credits: Mac Lethal (Instagram), Tech N9ne (Dennys Ilic