Rick Ross Met with Drake to Squash Meek Mill Beef, According to N.O.R.E

Rumors are stupid, and usually false, but this rumor about Drake meeting Rick Ross to end Meek beef is a big deal

Drake versus Meek Mill was easily last year’s biggest beef in hip-hop. It was an event that greatly affected both sides. Now, after a year of madness, there’s a chance the war is finally coming to an end.

At DJBooth, we pride ourselves on reporting the facts, normally we would completely ignore the rumor mill, but this morning a rumor caught our attention concerning the Drake and Meek Mill beef. According to Drink Champs podcaster and veteran rapper N.O.R.E, Drake and Rick Ross met to finally squash any remaining issue between the two rappers. This isn’t some sketchy source; I think we all can agree that N.O.R.E is credible. He isn’t the type to spread gossip and nonsense. If N.O.R.E's source is correct, if Ross and Drake truly met up to ceasefire on both sides, this could be a pretty big deal.

Rick Ross and Drake’s relationship has been solid since Drake was ushered into the spotlight. Ross and the entire Cash Money/Young Money camp have been thick as thieves, Drake being their top prospect connected him to the biggest boss like extended family. There was one point that Ross and Drake were even working on a mixtape together. It doesn’t surprise me that Rozay would be the one to play a vital role in squashing the drama between Meek and Drake. I’m actually surprised he didn’t step in sooner. His stance the entire time has felt like he straddled the fence without leaning too heavily on one side. Even when shade was thrown in Drake’s direction, it never felt like the two were loading up lyrical bullets to end one another.

I believe that the timing of this rumor is very important to the story. Meek Mill is gearing up to release Dreamchasers 4—his first full-length project since the beef started. It’s imperative that Meek returns strong. I would never say that Drake ended his career, but he did harm his momentum. Since rap is in a constant state of change, momentum can be the difference between staying in the spotlight and fading to black. Missing your moment can close the casket on being the next big artist. Meek was in a great position before the beef begun, Dreamchasers 4 is his chance to regain his footing, and the last thing he needs is to be fighting an old foe.

Drake dissing Meek during his show in Philly was proof things weren’t completely cooled over. Also, the reaction from Meek’s bodyguards/goons/bodygoons proved that the other side was still equally as antsy to prove something. The fire hasn’t completely burned out, even after a year of blazing. It’s better the two squash things and move and amicably. There’s nothing left to gain. This beef is nothing more than poking a dying cow. Let it die and let two careers live.

The rap world is big enough for Meek and Drake; the two should realize that by now.

By Yoh, aka Limewire Yoh, aka @Yoh31



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