Joey Bada$$ Might Quit Social Media to "Focus on the Music"

Social media is great for connecting with fans, but more and more artists are slowly pulling away.

The last time Kendrick Lamar tweeted, he offered a tip of the cap to Frank Ocean days after the singer released Blonde. Since then, Lamar has only retweeted a handful of tweets, mostly in support of Isaiah Rashad’s debut album The Sun’s Tirade.

J. Cole tweets even less than Lamar; his last 140 character message went out in early March. And since then, nothing. And Hov? Well, I’m not even sure why he has an account at all.

While many up-and-coming rappers use social media heavily, older, more veteran artists are using platforms like Twitter and Instagram less and less. Joey Bada$$ might be the next to join this growing class of emcees.

Yesterday (September 8), the 21-year-old tweeted, “How would you guys feel if I discontinued my social media usage?” To which many of his fans responded, “Devastated.”

Joey followed up with, “I just want to focus on the music. All this other shit are unnecessary distractions but I want to stay connected to you guys. My fans.”

He expresses the importance of using social media to connect with fans—that that’s the beauty of it—but also concedes that it’s a disturbance. Social media can be harmful to personal health, and can negatively influence creativity. Interactions on social media could affect the way a musician approaches his/her music.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Countless articles have been written about how social media negatively impacts young people’s mental health. Social media platforms are a wealth of good moments, because who really wants to reveal the bad? (Except for those who post an unending stream of annoying Facebook statuses.) There’s pressure to dress a certain way, find fame and success and happiness, get married—be this or that.

It’s not surprising that celebrities want to take a step back as well—distance themselves from the deep, unending abyss that is social media. And if it’s better for the music, then, why not?