Kendrick Lamar on Lil Wayne's Potential Retirement: "F**k That!"

Kendrick Lamar, like so many hip-hop fans, isn't ready to see his beloved Weezy F. hang up the mic.

Lil Wayne sent the hip-hop world into a frenzy last week when he tweeted that he was “mentally defeated” and implied that he would be retiring.

As one of the most dominant forces in the rap game for the past decade, many fans, including myself, were saddened by the possibility that an all-time great like Wayne would be hanging up the mic.

Earlier today (September 9), Kendrick Lamar, an emcee well on his way to becoming an all-time great and a well-documented Weezy fan, became the latest high-profile artist to urge Wayne to continue making music.

In the video below we see Kendrick in the studio drunkenly rapping along to some Wayne classics.



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“Nigga talking ’bout retiring and shit. Fuck that, nigga! Retire, quitting rap, whatever you want to call it. Fuck that, nigga….. No! No! No! No!"

Kendrick has always been vocal about Wayne's influence over him as an MC. This was most evident in 2009 when Kendrick released his C4 mixtape, using Wayne’s rhyme style to body the instrumentals from Tha Carter III. Even today, though, you can hear Weezy's influence in Kendrick's material, especially in his passionate approach and through a variety of vocal inflections.

Whether you're a longtime fan or not, there's no denying Wayne has fathered many of the artists -- Chance The Rapper, Young Thug -- who are currently leading the conversation in rap.

Hip-hop is just not ready to lose Wayne to retirement. Luckily for fans, rappers and retirement will forever remain oil and water.


By Marcus Blackwell. You can follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credits: David Patrick Valera / Jordan Hefler



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