Post Malone & Justin Bieber's "Deja Vu" is Your Cuffing Season Anthem

The sauced-up neckbeard and Biebs link up to make magic and get you laid this winter.

Whether you’re dreading its conclusion or you’re currently sweating like DJ Khaled on a light jog and couldn’t be more excited at the prospect, summer is coming to its annual close. With Labor Day weekend squarely in the rearview, it’s time we set our sights on the miserably cold months awaiting much of the Northern Hemisphere this winter.

With autumn staring us in the face, it’s tempting to find solace in the fact that football is back, but as NFL training camp ends, training camp for another season is just gearing up. Yes, cuffing season: where the wild promiscuity of the warmer months transitions into the necessity of locking down a(t least one) reliable sexual partner for the period of the year where going outside is about as enticing as hiring 21 Savage to babysit.

Such a season needs an anthem; a rallying cry that is able to pass itself off as an innocent ballad for lovers, soundtrack your kinky after-hours affairs and straddle the line between casual hookups and some sort of relationship. Now we have that anthem.

Post Malone has been on tour with someone named Justin Bieber for the last few months, and the expectation that sooner or later we’d hear a collaboration from the two turned into a reality today with “Deja Vu,” the latest single from Post’s delayed debut album, Stoney.

Déjà vu is a strange feeling that you've already experienced your present situation, and “Deja Vu” is a song about having sex with someone while also feeling like you’ve been in that same situation before. Think about that while you’re hooking up with that "special someone" this winter, telling them all the same things you told last winter’s cuff in the same exact situation the year prior. Déjà vu indeed.

Have I mentioned how undeniably great this song is yet? The “Hotline Bling” influence on the record is as strong as Post’s tobacco addiction, with production (courtesy of Frank Dukes and Vinylz) as soft and inviting as a fur rug in front of a fireplace. Despite treading sonically in the waters off a Caribbean island, the song and its content fit the mood of a sultry winter night spent inside to perfection. Malone and Bieber go back and forth like Malone and Stockton, with Bieber’s butter-smooth vocals complimenting Post’s quivering crooning surprisingly well. Who needs Shakespeare when we have White Iverson dropping gems like, "And you can drop your panties, leave them shits at the door" as if they were step-back jumpers?

He’s not the hero we asked for, but he’s the hero we have. Post Malone might seem an unlikely choice, but then again he’s seemed an unlikely candidate for just about all of his success up to this point. With “Deja Vu,” Post has another hit on his hands, and this one isn’t a cigarette.


By Brendan Varan. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Republic Records