DJ Mustard on "400 Summers": This Is the "Ghetto, Ratchet YG"

YG's made noise in 2016 by making politically-charged music, but it sounds like he's about to change things up.

In early August, DJ Mustard and YG formally reunited and announced that a joint "400 Summers" mixtape would be released "soon."

One month later we still don't have any new material from the duo - the pair had only one song in the can at the time of their announcement - but in a new interview with Billboard the hitmaking producer described what fans can expect from the upcoming project:

It’s not so much the politically correct YG. It’s more the ghetto, ratchet Mustard, the ghetto, ratchet YG, going back to what we was doing before, just doing music and having fun with it. That’s what you guys can expect. There’s nothing to overthink. It’s just music to have fun.

In the months leading up to the release of his outstanding new album Still Brazy, YG released the politically-charged single "Fuck Donald Trump." It's not clear if YG was trying to become gangster rap's new generation political activist, but after a high-profile TV performance, a star-studded remix and a threat from the secret service, that has been the end result.



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Most artists who generate money through their music are afraid to venture into the world of politics (see The Weeknd), understandably fearful that a stance for or against someone or something could turn away a portion of their fan base. Not only did YG's decision to speak his mind not backfire, but the buzzmaking west coast artist earned himself a label deal in the process.

Ultimately, though, YG understands that his success, and the success of his new record label, will be largely dependent upon making hit records. And if reuniting with Mustard and creating "ghetto, ratchet" material is the fastest, most direct path to that end goal, then we should all be ready to turn the f**k up. 


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

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