Merch Fail: Travis Scott's "Birds" Plush Toy is 4x Marked Up Generic Stuffed Animal

In addition to singing McKnight, the birds in Scott's trap also believe in capitalism.

Shortly after releasing his No. 1 album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, Travis Scott announced a brand new line of album-related merch, which includes everything from hoodies and t-shirts to throw pillows and coffee mugs. It's a Yeezus pop-up shop meets middle America truck stop.

Most die-hard music fans are used to paying jacked up prices for newly-pressed merch, justifying the expense with the knowledge that the item being purchased is in limited supply and completely original. 

Such is not the case for anyone who dropped a cool $50 on Scott's "Birds Plush Toy," which as Stereogum pointed out earlier today is a generic stuffed animal sold at for $12.99. Not including taxes or shipping and handling, that is a mere 385% markup.

It'd be easy to label the decision to sell this item as disingenuous, perhaps even lazy - didn't Kanye teach Travis anything? - but it's also capitalism. If fans are willing to shell out half a Benjamin for a stuffed bird because they want to support an artist that they love, good for Scott.

Hilariously, Scott's website points out that the stuffed bird isn't currently available, but would be shipping in 8-10 weeks. If only there was another site that could deliver them sooner...


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram