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Bell Biv Devoe Is Back, But Their Music is Stuck in 2001

This is one Biggie interpolation we can't get behind. Sorry, fellas.

Yesterday (September 12), veteran R&B trio Bell Biv Devoe made their return with a brand new single, “Run,” and a promise that their fourth album Three Stripes = will arrive on January 27, 2017. BBD formed in 1990, as a branching off from Boston-based boy band New Edition.

It’s been 15 years since we’ve heard from the trio, whose last album was the self-titled BBD — and it seems as if Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe are still stuck in that era, in 2001. With “Run,” they age themselves from the jump, as the video opens with their 1990 hit “Poison,” which is, of course, something to be proud of, but it’s just so immediately… corny.

And they dwell on it. From the visuals to the overused sample from Biggie’s “Hypnotize,” BBD’s new single is trite. It certainly ain’t fresh.



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They really couldn’t have drawn inspiration from somewhere else? Their clothes are dated — come on Ricky, who wears plaid vests anymore? — and their logo, which borrows from Run-D.M.C. (which makes sense since the song is called “Run”) elicits an eye roll.

Sometimes, reminiscing works out for the artist, but BBD’s concept doesn’t — and neither does the lead-in with their own song, or their interpolation of “Hypnotize.”

Sorry, Biggie. We still love you.


By Tara Mahadevan. Follow her on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube



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