Mac Miller Reveals Emotional Story Behind Anderson .Paak's "Dang!" Hook

In a new interview the star recording artist explains why his collaborator's vocals are so impactful.

Mac Miller recently sat down with Genius to kick off their brand new Verified interview series in which artists break down the lyrics of a popular song from their catalog, revealing a deeper or hidden meaning. It's annotations, live and in living color.

For the series' debut, the Pittsburgh native broke down "Dang!," the glorious hip-pop single off his forthcoming album The Divine Feminine (out Sept. 16), which features guest accompaniment from the talented Anderson .Paak

While listening to the good vibes of "Dang!" it would be safe to assume the song was crafted only with the intention of expanding Miller's audience and garnering radio spins, a plan put into motion by his major label backer Warner Bros. Miller's explanation, however, reveals the true meaning behind the record's infectious hook.



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"Anderson wrote this song for people who passed away. I kinda want to say that because I think that's actually a very vital reason for this song being what it is... that energy adds a lot of emotion to the song."

Artists are certainly not required to annotate their lyrics, either on a platform like Genius or directly to their fans through social media, but a better understanding of a hook, bridge or even a single bar can change an entire listening experience.

Go listen to "Dang!" again and tell me the impact isn't greater armed with the knowledge Miller conveyed in his interview. I'll wait...


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Genius



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