Relax, Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa Don't Have a Joint Project

Despite how great the possibility sounds, Mick was (sadly) just joking.

Earlier today (September 14), Mick Jenkins did a Q&A with Twitter Music. Fans asked him everything from who his favorite emcee is right now — to which he answered his A Quest For Love tourmate Smino — to whether he owns Bitcoin (random) and questions like, “Can you really play 2k? Cause I heard you trash.” Ha!

What caught my attention, though, was when a fan asked, “Have you Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa thought about making more music together?” to which he answered, “We got a project done we bouta drop it #askMickJenkins.”

Mick, Chance and Vic together on a project would be incredible, amazing, breathtaking and colossal — but how? The thought is a bit unbelievable. Mick has his new solo album The Healing Component on the way, Chance just released Coloring Book and is about to start The Magnificent Coloring World tour, and Vic, while working on his full-length debut for Roc Nation, is currently on the road with Justin Bieber. Where’s the time?

As it turns out, the three Chicago emcees don't actually have a collaborative project in the pipeline nor are there plans to record one. According to Jenkins' manager who we spoke with via e-mail, Mick was "just playing."

Now, if in fact, that time did exist, the project would be big for Chicago. Chance and Vic, two of the city’s prodigal sons coming together with Mick, one of the city’s biggest emerging artists? Huge.

While the city used to embrace a crabs-in-a-bucket sort of mentality, as of late, we’ve seen an overwhelming and transformative shift toward collaboration. Chicago’s spirit is now synergetic and uplifting. A project involving Mick, Chance and Vic would further bring together multiple facets of Chicago’s hip-hop scene: SaveMoney, the Social Experiment and THEMPeople.

For a taste of what the threesome could accomplish together, give Mick's 2013 offering "Cross Roads," featuring Chance and Vic, a few spins.


By Tara Mahadevan. Follow her on Twitter.