Kanye West Is "Tired of Making Videos," No Longer Wants to Be In Them

Always unfiltered, Kanye describes his desire to no longer be the focal point in his music videos.

Kanye and the word "uncensored" are a happy twosome.

After Kid Cudi challenged both Drake and Kanye on Twitter for their inadequate musicianship, Kanye fired back at a stop on his Saint Pablo Tour last night (September 14) — and hard.

“Don’t never mention Ye name, I birthed you!” he said to the screaming audience.

But that’s Kanye’s style; he’s emphatically unabridged, always. So this morning (September 15), when his interview with W Magazine dropped, that’s the version we got.

In between a rant about how he has a PhD in art, how that PhD should make a difference to the people he associates with, and promising to “laser you with alien fucking eyes and explode your fucking head,” he compares himself to Will Ferrell from the movie Elf, and addresses his music videos, along with who inspires him and his definition of success.

It’s a surprise, though, when he says in the interview that he doesn’t want to be in his own music videos anymore: “The opportunity to put moving art against the music was one of the best parts about being a professional recording artist. Nah, I get tired of making videos now. I barely want to stand in front of the camera at all. I’d rather do things where I’m just using my mind.”

His statement conforms to two of the videos he’s released for The Life of Pablo: “Fade,” where Teyana Taylor is in the spotlight, and “Famous,” where Kanye appears only as a wax figure.

This moment is also slightly radical, considering all historical precedents pointing to the fact that Kanye loves being in the public eye, loves being heard and loves being the center of attention. The interview suggests an older, more mature Kanye who, as a creative mind and artist, understands he doesn’t need to be present for his music, visuals, fashion and impact to be felt, and wants his artistic creations to be the focal point - not himself.


By Tara Mahadevan. Follow her on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube