Chance The Rapper Secured #MCD All-Star Line-Up Through "Personal Conversations"

Magnificent Coloring Day is another example of the power of establishing relationships.

The night before Magnificent Coloring Day (September 23), Chance The Rapper did an interview with Twitter to explain the purpose and significance of the festival.

“I always wanted to see a festival on the south side with a good lineup and a cheap ticket,” he said, as he described growing up on the South Side and riding past the White Sox stadium on his commute home.

Since the outset, Chance has placed a huge emphasis on helping his hometown of Chicago and becoming a leader in his city—something he highlights specifically in his Coloring Book standout “Angels": 

“I got my city doing front flips / When every father, mayor, rapper jump ship / I guess that's why they call it where I stay / Clean up the streets, so my daughter can have somewhere to play.”

So it’s no surprise that he would bring an affordable festival to Chicago, one he admits was created based on personal relationships.

“I was blessed to have so many friends that supported me and understood the idea of a cheap festival out here. People like Alicia Keys, who was like one of the main people that I wanted to get. She’s like a mentor to me and just like somebody I’ve always looked up to. With everybody, it was mainly a personal conversation. I was like, ‘Yo this really, really would mean a lot to the city, they don’t get to see you guys that often. It would mean a lot if it could happen here.’”

At this point, we are accustomed to Chance’s good deeds for Chicago and the music industry as a whole. But even a festival like Magnificent Coloring Day was unexpected, where Chance broke the attendance record at U.S. Cellular Field and brought Kanye West out as a surprise guest (hundreds of fans even hurtled over barricades when Kanye came out).

Chance has really broken new ground as an independent artist and, in the process, put his city on the map like no other Chicago rapper has done before. It seems like there’s nothing he can’t do.


By Tara Mahadevan. Follow her on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram