El-P Confirms #RTJ3 is "Almost Finished," We Need This Album

With an uncertain political future in the U.S., the influence of Run The Jewels is more important now than ever before.

It’s no secret that El-P and Killer Mike are unabashedly political. In fact, it's a large part of their narrative as Run The Jewels.

Indeed, they are extremely blunt about their views: Killer Mike recently spoke at the All Black National Convention in Atlanta, where he told attendees why he believes black people aren’t ready to revolt. But the duo is also able to balance politics with fun—after Run The Jewels 2, they released Meow The Jewels, a project of RTJ2 remixes where cat sounds replaced the instrumentals. It’s a tactic that allows their message to breathe and flourish without coming off as overbearingly serious.

We’ve been eagerly waiting for the follow-up to Run The Jewels 2, and this morning (September 27), El-P confirmed via Twitter that the third installation, Run The Jewels 3, is on the way.

This is news we needed to hear, and particularly at this very moment. For months, the U.S. presidential election process has played out like a very long running joke, and even more so after last night’s debate debacle. Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a reality show, and that neither candidate is fit for the White House.

Killer Mike holds the same opinion. He was a fierce supporter of Bernie Sanders when he was still in the running. When Hillary Clinton trumped (no pun intended) Sanders, Mike continued to support Sanders, even speaking at the Democratic National Convention in July in favor of the Vermont senator.

Later in August, Mike told TMZ, “If you are voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for the same thing.” I’m not sure I exactly agree, but I understand the attitude.

It’ll be interesting to see what perspective Run The Jewels will glean on RTJ3, especially in this time of uncertainty as to what our political future holds.


By Tara Mahadevan. Follow her on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Paul Jaeger