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Meek Mill Crushes Funk Flex Freestyle, But It's Not For The Internet

Meek served up a seven minute reminder that he means business, complete with shots at Drake and The Game.

So far this year, the majority of Meek Mill’s appearances in the headlines have had very little to do with his actual music.

The MMG representative has been a beef magnet over the past few months, engaging Drake, The Game and more in clashes both in and outside the booth, but the majority of his squabbles have been relegated to Instagram posts and tweets.

With his DC4 mixtape on the way, Meek dropped by Hot 97 to lay down a 7-minute freestyle for Funk Flex complete with shots at Drake, Game, and Beanie Sigel ("Riding down Broad street, I'm in the back again/I bully n*ggas unlike Mack again"). Although, it's possible the Beans jab was written by Beans himself.

The freestyle is flames, that much is certain, but as has come to be par for the course with Meek, he couldn’t leave without saying some sideways shit that almost negated the entirety of his impassioned delivery.



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We only doin’ it strictly for the streets, we ain’t doin’ it for the internet.

That’s all well and good, and Meek’s street reputation did play a pivotal role in his rise in popularity and his signing to Rick Ross and MMG, but let’s not act like his antics and the accessibility afforded by the internet aren’t hugely responsible for his ability to maintain household name status in hip-hop, despite being disassembled by Drake throughout their beef. It's also not a stretch to assume that DC4, whenever Meek decides to set it free, will be made available online for stream and digital purchase.

Not-so-subliminal shots aside, Meek’s freestyle was a perfect reminder that the Philly emcee can absolutely still bring heat when necessary.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube



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