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Mac Miller: People Assume Eminem is "Why I Got Into Rap"

The "Divine Feminine" author talks about Marshall's role in his career as a rapper.

Typically, Mass Appeal’s video series Time Alone is fairly nonsensical and cheeky. Last week, the latest installment was released with Mac Miller—but this time, Miller’s conversation with himself deviated a bit.

About a minute in, he asked himself, “Did you listen to Eminem growing up?” To which he answered, “Of course, of course, of course, of course. But I think people assume that that was how I got into rap, by the way of like Marshall Mathers LP. Had some good moments with that when I was younger, but like didn’t really understand the genius of Em until I was like 15, 16.”

It’s a widely held belief that Eminem somehow pioneered the white rap career for every single one of today’s caucasian emcees. Sure, it’s undeniably true that he inspired many white rappers, as he did black, Spanish and otherwise—including Kendrick Lamar, who, in a 2012 interview, called Em a “genius.”

Miller himself admits that he didn’t completely appreciate Em until he was 15. That was around 2007—Miller is 24 now—and at that point, Eminem had already released five albums. Miller himself only began rapping in 2007, and while it’s obvious that Em played some part, the thought that Eminem bears all that responsibility for Miller (and all white emcees) is amusing.


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