Tyler, The Creator Says Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Made Him a "Fanboy"—He's Just Like Us

It's quite fun and refreshing to read that our favorite artists are also fans of our favorite artists.

Tyler, The Creator might be an enigma—equal parts brilliant, eccentric and weird—but when a highly-anticipated new album is finally released he gets just as excited as the rest of us.

In a new interview with GQ, the Odd Future ringleader was asked for his opinion on Frank Ocean's long-overdue new album:

"I liked it a lot. Like, it’s my favorite thing from him. It’s weird because I’m friends with him and this album made me so, so, so much of a fanboy. It’s crazy because I was with him when it came out, like that week or whatever, and I kept complimenting him on certain songs, certain little things that I liked in different songs. And I low-key think he started getting annoyed cause I just kept badgering him about how much I liked the album. But I really, really fucking like it. And I’m really hyped for him and he’s hyped and shit’s great."

While social media—and the access it provides to fans and news outlets—has helped to remind us all that artists are indeed real people with real family and real lives, much of the conversation artists have about one another on social media tends to lean in an inauthentic, promotional direction. It's often quite hard to decipher if an artist is really a fan of another artist or if they are just showing love in hopes of reciprocation down the line.

Obviously, Tyler and Frank's longstanding friendship and their work together in Odd Future go beyond Twitter mentions and Snapchat shout outs, but it's always fun and refreshing to read that our favorite artists are also fans of our favorite artists.


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