21 Savage Says He's Too Rich to Care About Haters, But He's Lying

Money can’t buy you love, but 21 Savage claims it can make you forget the hate. Can it really, though?

21 Savage has had one hell of a year. The Atlanta native's latest release, SavageMode with star producer Metro Boomin, has garnered tons of buzz and peaked at No. 7 on Billboard’s Rap chart.

In addition, the indie rapper is getting ready to hit the road with Young Thug on the HIHORSE’D Tour and has even recently spawned an imitator in 22 Savage, a former Vine comedian who’s taken to replicating the aesthetic of the young artist.

Along with all of the success (and weirdness) 21 Savage has enjoyed over the last two years, there's also been a healthy dose of hate. Like many of the new artists and sounds coming out of Atlanta right now, 21 and his music have been met with harsh criticism and internet trolls who have shown little restraint in going in on the rapper for everything from his musical skills to his face tattoos.

The constant barrage of negativity a celebrity must endure on a day-to-day basis is enough to get anyone down, but Savage claims that the amount of money he’s current earning has allowed the hate to roll right off him.

Why, then, does he keep tweeting about all of his haters?

For someone that says he isn’t bothered by them, even Savage would have to admit that’s quite a few tweets about haters. To be clear, this isn’t a pointless call-out, but rather recognizing someone who’s clearly feeling the sting of the negative side of fame, and is attempting to hide behind monetary security.

Sure, having financial security is important, and 21 Savage has inarguably worked hard to achieve what he has in a relatively short amount of time, but that doesn’t automatically make everything perfect. No matter how many millions are made, people on the internet are still going to say shitty things, and it’s OK to admit it has an effect. Just last month, Joey Badass pondered quitting social media over the constant flow of hate-filled comments.

Even if he’s not lying, 21 Savage is indirectly promoting a train of thought that entraps so many young people in a hustle mentality, preventing them from transcending that never-ending chase for the almighty dollar.

It’s OK—and inherently human—to be affected by the opinions of others. While it's even better to be unaffected by the opinions of others, that security should come from self-worth and self-love. Not commas in a bank account.